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Handy new modules

Every day a ton of new drupal modules come out. I've found four very handy new drupal modules that have been released lately, mainly nice useability enhancements for the drupal experience.

Contact form blocks

The module makes your core drupal contact forms, available as blocks. Not much you may say, but wait, there is more: contact form categories will be represented by one block per category - now that's handy. You could present different contact forms in your templates per different content types, or whatever you can think of. Nice.
Check it out from the project page, play with it. Go on, you know you want to!

Node form Columns

A handy little module that allows you to separate fields into different columns, with an interface similar of that of the blocks page in drupal. Yes, you can use panels for this if you want, but well, panels is stil beta-rc-whoknows for d6, and if you only want your client not to go nuts on a huge form, this should be enough, no need for a huge module just for making your huge content add form a bit more useable, don't you think?
You can download it to give it a go from the project page.

Eldorado Superfly

Eldorado SuperflyThis module takes control, and I mean CONTROL, over the "submitted by", node links, user pictures, and comments, moves them to $node->content which allows for CCK to handle the order of display, as if they were fields. All sounds nice doesn't it? Only there's a little side-effect... your themer will not be able to control that any longer, besides through css of course.
Give it a try, download it from the project page.


Admin module screenshotYou probably have heard of the ongoing D7 useability effort going of course, and you know that it's going fast, and in a very interesting way. All nice, but what about drupal 6? Well, that's where this module comes in, it implements some of the ideas being thrown around in the dev world for the future, only for drupal 6. Today.
So if you want your admin interface to be on the cutting edge, or you just hate the admin interface, or if you are just curious... go to the project page and install it.